Friday, June 14, 2019

June 2019

Welcome to June's Sibshop. Our trickle in activity was to make some fun DIY Spinners out of paper and cardboard.  The kids came up with some fun and clever designs for their spinners.

Our first game of the day was Human Knots.  By grabbing the hands of people across from you in a circle, you create quite the human knot.  The goal of the game is to twist and turn and contort --without letting go of anyone's hands-- until you are unknotted and back into a nice, comfortable circle.

 We neglected to get any photos of our group playing "Truth or Dare." Some of the silly dares included bawking like a chicken or singing a silly song.  The truths encouraged our Sibshoppers to share their experiences as siblings with a special needs brother or sister. We got to hear things they are afraid of, times they have felt proud of their siblings, and some of their unique challenges.

Our Sibshoppers sure do enjoy a game of "Islands".  It is a twist on the classic game Musical Chairs.

 Hula Hoops proved to be a hit.  We played a relay game, an active version of tic tac toe as well as Hula Hoop Showdown.  We sure got our steps in today!

Our last two activities didn't get photographed, but we did make some yummy Monster Bites out of oats, syrup, peanut butter, M&Ms, and chocolate chips. 

Our final activity was our "Wheel of Feelings" activity. The Sibshoppers get a chance to toss a beanbag onto our wheel and then share their experiences in relation to a specific emotion.  We are grateful for kids who are willing to share the good, bad and ugly with one another and support one another!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

May 2019

Welcome to our May 2019 Sibshop!

With Mother's Day literally right around the corner, we decided to celebrate by creating some cards for moms, grandmas, aunts or other women who are important to us. Gratitude-recognizing it and showing it--is an important skill for happiness in life. Maybe some of you received this token of appreciation from your Sibshopper.  The staff of Sibshops of Utah County is grateful for the influence of good women in the lives of the children and families we serve.

Balloon Foot Volleyball is a classic game we like to pull out and dust off every once in a while. The exercise is good for the young and old in our Sibshops family! Crab walking and chasing down balloon volleyballs can really get the heart rate pumping.

Once we exerted the kids to the max, we took some time to sit down and complete a "Strengths and Weaknesess" worksheet.  Completing this worksheet gives each Sibshopper an opportunity to discover their own strengths and weaknesses as well to acknowledge those of their sibling. It is fun to celebrate those attributes and skills and talents we are mastering! It is also helpful to be aware and mindful of the things we are working on improving without judging ourselves or others harshly.

This is only the second time in our Sibshop history that we did a Laser Maze and it did not disappoint! The kids love navigating the "lasers" as they move carefully and skillfully from one end of the maze to another. Okay, well, they start with care and skill, then as their confidence quickly soars, they move with a whole lot more abandon! :)

A delicious cheesy quesadilla lunch was followed by an active game of "Color Guard!"  It may be a simple game (just get your colored egg in the basket when your color is called) but our kids play it happily and with big smiles on their faces. They enjoy trying to outsmart and outmaneuver one another!

They worked up an appetite which we filled with M&Ms! To wrap up this session, and because we all enjoy a little candy covered chocolate, we played the M&M Game.  In this game you are given a little cup full of candies which you are permitted to eat only after responding to a colored coded question. Answer the Red question, you may eat all the Red colored candy--pretty simple rules! Questions include:
What is the name of your siblings special need? What does that mean for him/her?
What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Tell us about a time you have been proud of your sibling.

We love the happy faces of our Sibshoppers.  See you again in June.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

April 2019

Hopefully these April showers will indeed bring May flowers.  The rain kept us indoors today, but we still managed to celebrate Spring. 

 For our trickle in activity, we did some paper weaving to decorate eggs.

 After our welcome and introductions, it was time for some fun and games.

 This game of "Fruit Basket" had us up and running in search of an empty seat.

 "Bilbliotherapy" is a tool we often utilize at Sibshops to give our Sibshoppers a chance to connect with others through literacy. Reading books together about families facing special needs provides a vehicle for discussing, sharing, empathy and problem solving.

 Lunch is always well earned and appreciated.
 Dessert was hidden in eggs throughout the building. 

 The hunt was fun and the rewards were sweet.
 We closed this Sibshop with a little Spring "Would you rather?" question and answer session.
 Would you rather live in a giant rabbit burrow or in a giant birds nest?
Would you rather be a squirrel for a day or a frog for a day?
Would you rather have a garage sale or run a lemonade stand?
Happy Spring!