Saturday, November 9, 2019

November 2019

Welcome to our final Sibshop of 2019!
For our trickle in activity, we created gratitude turkeys.

Our Sibshoppers then wrote a message of thanks to someone important on the back of their turkeys. Gratitude helps us stay happy & healthy.

So, it hasn't started snowing here in the valley quite yet, but that didn't stop us from having a snowball fight!

Okay, so they were paper snowballs but it was still fun.  And maybe even more fun as we got to stay warm and dry as we tossed snowballs onto the other teams side of the line.

We introduced a new discussion activity this month. Everyone seemed to enjoy "Sibshops Pick Up Sticks." As they picked up a colored stick, they then answered a question. 

Throughout the game, everyone got to share some of their experiences being siblings. 

Following a yummy pizza lunch, we played a silly game of "Huckle Buckle". Kids pair up and must connect with each other at the line following the instruction given.

When "Huckle Buckle" is called out, the teams must link up arms and sit down back to back. It's a game of speed.  The last pair to sit down is called out of the game.

"Don't Eat Tom!" Our Sibshoppers always enjoy playing any version of "Don't Eat Pete" that we can come up with! Look it up--it's easy and silly...and tasty.

Our final activity of this session and of the year was a giant game of "Guess Who?"  Just like the board game, except instead of pictures, you use real people.

We want to wish you all a Happy Holiday season!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

October 2019

Welcome to our October Sibshop.
 Our Sibshoppers created these spooky (and silly) spiral ghosts.

We were so lucky to have Debbie come from the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind to present a Deafblind Simulation.  

 Each Sibshopper got the opportunity to be both deafblind and a guide in this simulation.

 The kids were a bit nervous putting in ear plugs, and wearing a headband, a "Zorro" mask and some heavy duty headphones. This was necessary for the simulation to be effective and they were good sports about it.

 As guides, they led a peer throughout the  building navigating hallways, doorways, chairs, tables, drinking fountains, stairs and more.

 They also got to try out a table activity involving a craft and some snacks. Eating a snack you can't see was disconcerting for most of our Sibshoppers.

 Going up and down stairs was especially unnerving and required lots of faith in a seeing guide.

We are so grateful for Debbie and her willingness to come lead us in this awesome activity.
 We followed the simulation with soup and some spooky Halloween sides.

 After a fun game of Pool Noodle Chase (which I neglected to get photos of) we played a game of Halloween BINGO!

We had a great time with all of our Sibshoppers and are looking forward to November!