Saturday, October 12, 2019

October 2019

Welcome to our October Sibshop.
 Our Sibshoppers created these spooky (and silly) spiral ghosts.

We were so lucky to have Debbie come from the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind to present a Deafblind Simulation.  

 Each Sibshopper got the opportunity to be both deafblind and a guide in this simulation.

 The kids were a bit nervous putting in ear plugs, and wearing a headband, a "Zorro" mask and some heavy duty headphones. This was necessary for the simulation to be effective and they were good sports about it.

 As guides, they led a peer throughout the  building navigating hallways, doorways, chairs, tables, drinking fountains, stairs and more.

 They also got to try out a table activity involving a craft and some snacks. Eating a snack you can't see was disconcerting for most of our Sibshoppers.

 Going up and down stairs was especially unnerving and required lots of faith in a seeing guide.

We are so grateful for Debbie and her willingness to come lead us in this awesome activity.
 We followed the simulation with soup and some spooky Halloween sides.

 After a fun game of Pool Noodle Chase (which I neglected to get photos of) we played a game of Halloween BINGO!

We had a great time with all of our Sibshoppers and are looking forward to November!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

September 2019

Welcome to September's Sibshop! 

 We created some fun balloon tennis racquets for our "trickle in' activity.  

 The kids had a little bit of fun trying out their new racquets.  We sure hope they are sharing them with their families and everyone is having a great time playing some balloon tennis!

 A few hula hoops and a large handful of bean bags made for a fun game of "Bean Bag Basketball." The weather was perfect as three teams competed to be the first to get 5 bean bags in their hoop.

 "Dear Aunt Blabby" gave our Sibshoppers the opportunity to act as a special needs advice columnist.  While many of our kids weren't even sure they knew what a newspaper was, we were able to help them understand enough to participate in this activity where they were the experts.  They truly are the experts of what it is like to have a sibling with special needs.

 We read different questions submitted to "Aunt Blabby" and our Sibshoppers discussed among themselves how they would respond. They gave wonderful, thoughtful and insightful responses.
 After lunch, we watched this great video to start talking about positive self talk and the power of affirmations.  Check out this video! It's great. We then created some positive self talk fortune tellers. Each Sibshopper chose their own affirmations to include in their fortune teller. It was awesome to hear what affirmations resonated with them.
They are indeed awesome, smart kids capable of doing amazing things!
 See you in October! We've got our annual and totally awesome deaf blind simulation coming up.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

August 2019

Welcome to our August Sibshop.
We started the event by decorating t-shirts.  Our Sibshoppers used a bleach pen to create a design of their own choosing for their shirt.

 And this is how some of them turned out.

 We sure hope to see our Sibshoppers wearing their shirts at our next event.
As kids finished their t-shirts, they played a little game of Pictionary together.

 After our welcome and introductions, as well as a game of Hula Hoop Showdown, we gathered to learn some finger spelling. The kids learned the entire alphabet.

 Then we played a game of  finger spell "Bingo". It was hard for me as an adult to keep the alphabet straight, but the kids did a great job identifying all the finger spelling.

After a yummy lunch we headed outside to play a couple of water games.  Water balloon games are a hit and the kids seemed to enjoy getting a bit wet on a hot, summer day.